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2016DayCampFlyer* Learn to sing like famous European choirboys *
* Swimming, archery, games, crafts *
* Ride the official tour bus *
* Day camp T-shirt included *
* Family concert and potluck on Friday evening *

Mon-Fri, Aug 22-26, 2016
For boys age 5 to 12
$45 for the week (due on the first day)

Register here for the Summer Day Camp!

Combined Boys’ Choir Concert

– Wednesday, June 8, at 7:30 pm –

We are hosting the Fort Bend Boys Choir of Texas, who hosted our boys on our 2015 “Westward Ho!” tour. This is one of the many boy choirs from around the country and world that we have close relationships with.

Church of St. Andrew
566 Fourth St. NW
Elk River, MN
(get directions)

2016 Fort Bend joint concert poster

 Beta site:

“Already for the second time
young American singers were guests of the Suhl Boys’ Choir.

Their excellent concert in the Hauptkirche was enthusiastically received.”
-Freies Wort, Suhl, Germany

The North Star Boys’ Choir was founded in 2011 and has its roots in the European boy choir tradition. It is linked to that tradition through the Artistic Director Francis Stockwell and the Executive Director Craig “Andy” Anderson, whose many years of working together in choral direction has resulted in a unique and musically powerful partnership. Mr. Stockwell, who studied in England, Germany, and Austria, and worked with the Vienna Choir Boys, is internationally recognized for his ability to guide boys to the heights of musical excellence and with them to craft the celebrated Viennese sound so noted for its brilliance, clarity, richness, and tonal range. Mr. Anderson, the Founding Director of the well-known and award-winning Land of Lakes Choir Boys also studied in Vienna, and has 35 years of experience working with boys in choral musical development and character building. He has extensive choral program experience, having served in posts as Executive Director, General Prefect, and Principal Choral Director.

The North Star Boys’ Choir is devoted to the traditional boy choir repertoire including sacred music of all periods, dating back to the 5th century, classical works, spirituals, and folk music from around the world. The hauntingly-beautiful sound of the North Star Boys’ Choir results, in large part, from the centuries old European voice training technique which Mr. Stockwell mastered while working in Vienna. Mr. Stockwell is one of a handful of voice trainers around the world who has preserved and currently practices this technique. The North Star Boys’ Choir was founded, in part, to provide an enduring American home for this rare and beautiful musical legacy.

Providing a well rounded experience for the choirboys is a significant part of the program, and is realized through a wide range of recreational and character building opportunities, including overnights and outings, Choir Camp, tours, both national and international, and competitions. Training is provided in manners, deportment, and leadership, which readies the boys for success in concert and tour settings, as well as in future life. The virtues of honor, integrity, and perseverance are represented by the three stars on the choir emblem and instilled in the boys throughout their choirboy careers.


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